Monday, 19 January 2015

Ezard - a taste sensation

It seems fitting that my first blog post should be on my new fave - Ezard.  While Teage Ezard’s restaurant is by no means new to the Melbourne eating scene (serving modern Australian cuisine for 15 years), this two hat restaurant was definitely worth the wait as we (being myself and two girlfriends) finally made our way through this renowned chef’s restaurant doors.

The occassion was a Sunday lunch, and commenced with us ladies being led to what can only be described as a hotel lobby setting to wait for our table.  Luckily for us, the cold (and eerily impersonal) décor of the waiting area (which seemed to creep into the rest of the restaurant) was the only negative aspect of our otherwise spectacular lunch.  

After being led to our table by friendly and personable staff, there was ham and pea soup to start – creamy, rich and perfectly offset with the texture of puffed grains (which although looked like rather like maggots, added a spectacular element to the dish).  

Next course, prawn salad - aka the dish of the day!  The tanginess of the mayonnaise was perfectly balanced with the juiciness of the prawns and the crunch of the salad.   

The deconstructed kangaroo burger was the least inspiring dish of the day.  While the kangaroo was cooked to perfection, the dish needed a sauce / jam / relish or something of the like to excite an otherwise rather dry dish.

Main was a modern take on a ‘Sunday Lamb Roast’.  Clever, simple and equisite.

For someone who is not usually a desert person (shock! horror! And possibly blasphemous from someone deciding to write a food  blog!) the desert was quite to my liking – meringue, berries and sorbet.  Light on the palate, and not at all too sweet - this berry delight was an absolute, well, delight.

All in all a sensational meal  - one of those meals which leaves you utterly satisfied, but was so good you are still left craving for more  While I am looking forward to returning to Ezard, Ezard's sister restaurant 'Black' in Sydney may just have to be next on the list.

Verdict: The New Fave

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