Sunday, 15 May 2016

Ponshu Kiroro

After a string of bad restaurants, I was starting to lose faith in the Melbourne food scene (did I just have too high of ?!?). But then came along Ponshu Kiroro - offering delicious Japanese fusion cuisine, this quaint little restaurant situated on Katherine Place has become the new fave.

The venue itself is casual-elegant with a drool worthy menu offering twists on the usual Japanese culprits. For instance, edamame is a staple on most Japanese menus, but Ponshu takes it to the next level, stir frying the beans with chilli and garlic.

The "Three Addictive" consists of three components - fried chicken, pickled cherry tomatoes and marinated salmon.  The chicken was juicy and well seasoned, the marinated salmon fresh and full of flavour and, surprisingly, the sweet and juicy cherry tomatoes were my favourite component on the plate - absolutely delicious.

The raw tuna parfait, however, was my favourite dish of the night. Served atop a bed of bean curd rice and seaweed rice, it was a little bowl of happiness.  The "Juicy Kurobuta Pork Belly" was also delicious and melted in the mouth - the perfect showcase of simple but elegant flavours.

For desert, we were recommended the Sapporo Snowman Monaka. The red bean paste and ice-cream were delicious and the dish was very cutely presented - my only (minor) criticism was that the apple tasted chalky. 

Overall, with its incredible food, fantastic service and inspiring menu, Ponshu Kiroro is definitely the new fave.

Food: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Venue: 3,5/5
Total: 13.5/15
Verdict: The New Fave

The New Fave dined courtesy of Ponshu Kiroro

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