Sunday, 15 January 2017

The Winey Cow

Usually it's a good sign when a café is jam packed and you actually have to wait for a table. However, I quickly learnt that this is not always the case if you are heading somewhere down Mornington Main Street in the peak of summer.

Whilst filled to the brim, The Winey Cow was, in a word, "disappointing". I ordered the 'Brunch Stack', which consisted of two poached eggs, bacon, potato rosti, avocado and haloumi with rocket and lemon hollandaise. Unfortunately, the eggs were rock hard (not even a tiny bit runny), the rosti floury and the worst part, the avocado didn't even taste like real avocado - it tasted like the cheap avocado dip you can get from the supermarket.

The service was also incredibly slow - taking about 20 minutes for anyone to take our order, and then a further 30 minutes for our coffees to arrive. Being busy in a "busy period" is no excuse for poor service.  It should have been no surprise that they were going to be busy over the summer holidays and in response they should have put on more staff.

It surprised me when looking at The Winey Cow's other reviews that most people had come away speaking of quite a positive experience. So perhaps it was just a bad day for The Winey Cow team - but still, no excuse -  it was such a disappointing experience, I will not be back.

Service: 2.5/5
Venue: 3/5
Total: 8/5
Verdict: Don't bother

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