Monday, 27 February 2017


There are not many places out there where you can 7 courses for under $50, however Koy at South Melbourne Market takes this to a whole new level. On the first and last Wednesday of every month, Koy serves up 7 courses of its Turkish cuisine for a very meager $35.  However, even at such incredible value, after the night I had, I'll definitely not be rushing back again.

The menu for the night I went was:

Fava Dip
With sundried tomatoes and caper berries, served with Turkish bread

Potato Salatasi
Prawn and potato salad with biber and peppercorn aoili

Sucuk Croquettes
Cheese and turkish sausage with smoked paprika mayo

Erister Pasta
Turkish style pasta with fresh tomatoes, basil, mushroom and spinach

Chicken Borek
Oven baked chicken and pirasa filo pastry

Kuzu Sis
Turkish styled grilled lamb servied with Kisir

Classic Baclava

The Fava Dip was the least impressive dish of the night.  Offering absolutely no flavour whatsoever, the only redeeming quality was the warm Turkish Bread that was served with it.

Unfortunately, it all started going down hill from here.  We had to wait an hour and 10 minutes for the next dish, which was rather ridiculous when there were 6 dishes to go. Further, when the dish finally came out, the potato was very undercooked, and we had to de-shell our own prawns which, whilst I wouldn't mind doing such a task, it was awfully messy in this case as there was no where to put the shells and no water bowl to wipe the poo veins and bits of shell out of our fingernails - it was all rather gross.

Another two dishes came out shortly after - the croquettes and the home made pasta. The croquettes were probably the best dish of the night - deliciously crisp on the outside whilst offering a punch of flavours on the inside when cutting it open. The pasta, however, was another disappointment - it was stone cold and lacked any flavour.

The two mains, the chicken borek and the grilled lamb came out at the same time. Whilst they apologised for their mistake (saying that the lamb was meant for the table behind us), they didn't realise this when placing the 6 giant plates of mains on our table (which barely fit the table), and we had to awkwardly ask them to take one of the mains away. However, they clearly did not give it to the table behind us (guys, we can see the table behind us), they went and popped it in the oven and by the time it came out again the lamb had turned tough and the unpleasant.

The baklava, however, tasted as good as it looks - delightful.  Unfortunately it wasn't enough to safe the night.

My advice - stick to the Nonna's making Gozleme's on the weekends - these are superb!
Food: 2/5
Service: 2/5
Venue: 3/5
Total: 7/15
Verdict - Don't bother - even at such great value, there are so many other spots in Melbourne you can head to for a cheap eat.

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