Sunday, 24 September 2017

Om Nom Kitchen

For such a world renowned food scene, it's quite surprising the lack of desert venues in Melbourne. But with a 3 course desert degustation (that's right, a desert degustation) Om Nom has you covered.

Situated above Ezard, Om Nom is the Rolls Royce of desert bars - white table cloths, exquisite service and the sweet waft of fairy floss and sherbet the minute you walk through the doors. Being our first time to Om Nom, we couldn't go past the desert degustation ($48 per person), opting for the Granny Smith Pannacotta Party, the White Peach Injection and the Passionista.

Whilst all the dishes tasted 'nice', and came out looking magnificent, some of the flavours were on the underwhelming side. The highlight was the Passionista which consisted of passionfruit curd, passionfruit fluid gel, passionfruit jelly, dehydrated passionfruit air, aerated basil ganache, basil ice cream, fresh baby basil, sesame cat soil and salted caramel. The dish packed an absolute punch and was just bursting with flavour and texture.

The White Peach Injection (which consisted of white peach sorbet, raspberry and rose curd, toasted marshmallow milk granita and peach nitro) whilst putting on a show, was one dimensional in flavour.  So too was the Granny Smith Pannacotta Party (which consisted of vanilla pannacotta, green apple jelly, cinnamon & white chocolate powder, compressed apple, green apple sorbet, lime & green tea meringue, apple whizz fizz and white chocolate aero), which had the overwhelming flavour of apple which masked many of the other incredible flavours.

While I won't be rushing back to Om Nom any time soon (give me Mr Miyagi's Pumpkin Toast desert or Supernormal's Peanut Butter parfait over the above deserts any day), the dishes were still tasty and it definitely offers a novelty factor which is generally missing from the Melbourne food scene.

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 4/5
Venue: 4/5
Total: 10.5/15
Verdict: Like - get around to trying it at some point.

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