Monday, 5 February 2018


What would you do if you were a waiter at a restaurant, and when two diners were paying for their bill near the bar, you threw your waiter tray at the bar, smashing a full glass of red wine which goes everywhere. Say sorry? Ask if the diners got any red wine on them? Not if you’re at Bangpop - the waiter will make a scene and rudely blame you.

Indeed, the high ratings on Zomato are an absolute surprise when the service is ridiculously slow (although, most reviews say this), we were ignored for 10 minutes on arrival (just say ‘I’ll be with you in a minute as you’re walking past), you are served your food before your wine, and cramped anxiously in. 

It's actually a shame, because some of the food was pretty tasty.  To eat we ordered the green chicken curry, the pad Thai and the papaya salad.  The Pad Thai was pretty flavourless and cluggy, however the papaya salad was actually one of the best papaya salads I’ve ever had - fresh, fragrant and brimming with the right amount of spice. 

 Bad service is never great, but rude service can ruin a night - Bangpop, we will not be back.

IFood: 3/5
Service: 1/5
Venue: 2/5
Total: 6/15
Verdict: don’t bother 

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